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How to Get Better Gas Mileage with Simple Steps

Many drivers resign themselves to the fuel efficiency their vehicles currently achieve. But there are simple ways you can improve your car's efficiency. Doing any of these can keep you away from the pump and save you money over time.

Change Your Oil

Fresh, clean oil can help your car's engine run more smoothly. The less effort your engine puts out, the better gas mileage you'll get.



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Protect Your Vehicle from Thieves

According to data, vehicle theft is up by 3.1% national. Over 700,000 vehicles are stolen each year, and July is one of the months when cars are stolen most often. But, there are ways you can help to prevent yourself from being a victim of vehicle theft. We've compiled a list of the top tips to prevent your vehicle from being stolen:

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2017 Ford Mustang is a Muscle-Car Deity

What's it take to achieve true automotive ascendency? That is, how does any given ride go from run-of-the-mill to king of its class?

Well, as a mainstay of the muscle car class, the 2017 Ford Mustang no doubt has the answer.

How's it managed to capture the throne? Pair up with carwow pundit Mat Watson in the video below to find out:

While every Mustang engine is excellent, the mid-level EcoBoost iteration is kind of in a league of its own.

Motivated by a turbo 2.3-liter four-cylinder, the EcoBoost makes a meaty 310 horsepower and 320 pound-feet…

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Formula Drift Champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. Teaches Pedestrians to Smoke Tires with 2018 Mustang

The all-new 2018 Ford Mustang, arriving in Sparta this fall, is sleeker, more athletic, and more technologically advanced than ever. That alone is more than enough reason to be excited for a pre-launch test drive.

What could make it even better is getting to ride with a Formula Drift Champion, and learning to perform a tire burnout like a pro racer.

That's exactly what several random pedestrians got to do, as Vaughn Gittin Jr. picked them up and brought them out to the track for a promotional video for the new Mustang.

"Burnouts just never get old, no matter…

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A Few Tips For Road Trip Success

Road trips can be full of fun, excitement and lasting memories. However, in order to experience the most fulfillment out of your road trip, it is highly necessary to plan accordingly. Without preparing properly for a road trip, you can definitely end up on the deep end of disaster.

Below are a few tips in which to apply in order to gain the most confidence in your up and coming road trip.

1) Choose your team wisely. Think about the various places of visit and the amount of time spent together. Enjoying your trip to its full capacity, with those…
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Simplify and Save Gas

Fuel economy-we all want it, but how do you get better fuel economy with the vehicle you already have? There are lots of simple ways to get better fuel economy. Simply keeping your vehicle properly tuned up can save on gas. Get your oil changed regularly and keep your tires properly inflated. If your vehicle doesn't have to work as hard then it won't use as much fuel. Avoid letting your vehicle idle for long periods of time and try to avoid starting your vehicle more than ten times in one day if you can help it. You…
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We Thank Our Troops for Protecting Our Freedom with Our Military Appreciation Program!

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As a way to say thank you to the women and men who wear a United States’ Military uniform, here at Edd Rogers Valley Ford, we’re proud to offer a Military Appreciation Program. This is a great option for those stationed at Arnold Air Force Base or the Tennessee Army National Guard. Unlike some programs, Ford salutes all the service members, past and present, who have given of themselves to protect our country, so whether you’re retired, a veteran, overseas, or active duty, if you served, you save. There’s no two ways about it.

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Edd Rogers Valley Ford is Your Local Ford Dealership Serving Murfreesboro & Beyond!


The FordPass® App is the perfect companion for any Murfreesboro drivers who are looking to optimize their driving experience. Not only can the FordPass® App unlock your car remotely, as seen in the video above, but you can use the My Wallet feature to store your credit or debit information, pay for and reserve parking remotely, and even take care of your financing payments through the app.

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March is Ford Truck Month, Are You Ready?

You’ve seen it before and you’ll see it again, but ready or not, Ford Truck Month is back, so for the entire month of March, you can enjoy some pretty awesome deals on new Ford trucks like the Ford F-150 or the Ford Super Duty. You’ve heard of Tough Love? Well, here at Edd Rogers Valley Ford, we love Tough, and with the Ford lineup of trucks, “Tough” always comes standard.



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